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Feature 01


Mining is based on a burn 2 earn leveling system. The higher your level the more you earn. To increase your level you must infuse equipment (burn the NFTs). Each level has a fixed amount of tokens you will be able to claim.


Feature 02


Crafter owners can craft Chests and/or Coins (depending on which crafter type they own) and create their very own Box Maze World Store link to resell Chests and/or Coins and earn wax, or open their Chests to level up in our mining mode.


Feature 03


The Adventurer is a great starting point for new players to discover land and earn tokens, while also providing existing players the chance to grow their holdings and upgrade land all the way into planets.



Feature 04


Lands passively earn tokens and can be combined together to increase your earnings and create Planets. Landowners who join our Discord can earn additional weekly prizes.




Feature 05


Players can earn BMP or BMR by staking harvesters in our waxdao farm. Level 2 or higher Harvester have the chance of finding random BMC crystals when mining on planets. BMC Crystals can be used to earn other NFT's



Feature 06


Taco Swap is the community DEX (Decentralized Exchange) on WAX which allows users to trade and earn in a safe and fun space. With Taco Swap, players can trade our tokens and provide liquidity & earn tokens and other NFT's 


Upcoming Public Sale

Box Maze Buddies
Max Supply: 5000
Cost: 25 WAX
  • PFP    
  • Unique Traits
  • Earn WAX

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